Thursday, March 31, 2016

Following My Footsteps: First Stop: Dublin! (Ohio, not Ireland)

3-27-16: A Lovely Adventure in Dublin, a little suburban town beside Columbus, Ohio.
Hello world! I'm trying something new. I'm going to start documenting  my own explorations in life through blog posts showing where my feet have travelled. This way, you all can follow in my footsteps! (get it? lol). Originally, I started a new blog for these posts, but then I remembered: Em, you already have a blog! So now, I've merged the two, and I'm pretty happy with the result. Over the week, you'll probably notice changes to this blog as I continue to revamp and update each section. Hopefully, all of you lovely people will enjoy this new addition to my blog where you'll have the opportunity to view life through my own unique perspective.
Thanks for joining me on my journey! (Even if sometimes it's only a few feet outside)

Ah, time for the very first stop on my adventure through life! I visited Columbus this spring break
 and on a very sunny, cheerful Easter Sunday (Alleluia! He is risen!) and Monday I strolled through a cute little town called Dublin. I stopped inside Winan's Fine Chocolates and Coffees and bought some delicious treats, looked at all of the cute items at Ha'penny Bridge Imports of Ireland (they have some pretty fab coats, blankets, and scarves), walked through the Indian Run Cemetery, explored Indian Run Falls, and finally ended my adventure with my favorite mint choc chip ice cream at Jeni's.

While I was walking along the pathway, I came across these cute little houses set up by a fountain. They brought back memories from when I used to build tiny fairy houses as a kid out of sticks, rocks, flowers, and anything I could find in my backyard. This is also where I was first inspired to track my adventures through my feet. :)

The next stop in my wanderings was at the Indian Run Cemetery. The cemetery is a recognized historical place, established in 1813. Many broken grave stones line the stone walls, and the inscriptions are partially worn away. For a while, I examined the area, trying to read the graves and wondering about the lives of the people. I also spent time in prayer for those who have passed away.

Afterwards, I headed down the trail to the Indian Run Falls. Along the way, I snapped some pictures of interesting plants and funny-shaped tree roots as well as more shots of my feet. I spent a large amount of time standing on logs, tree stumps, and large rocks, and a passing family gave me some rather odd looks. Oh, well. xD

And at last, I arrived at the falls! At this point, the temperature was rising, and my tired feet told me that I definitely should have worn a different pair of shoes. I wanted to jump right in, but unfortunately I could only dip my toes into the cold, rushing water. It was a really beautiful sight though, with all of the white, foaming water and bright sunny rays. After some nice cold ice cream to finish up the day, I headed back to my hotel with some lovely pictures and a new idea for a blog. ;)

Happy trails to you!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Show and Tell: Paper People

Hello world! It's been awhile. Yesterday, I was feeling a bit bored, and so I started doodling. Which resulted in me making some paper people, and I haven't stopped yet. xD
This was a really simple way for me to relax and exercise my creativity, and I just wanted to share my work with the world and hopefully inspire you to start a new project of your own. So let's get to it: show and tell time!

After I finished drawing some of these stylish ladies, I posed them for photo shoots in different spots around my house. 

 I thought these two looked pretty good with a lovely floral background.

The girl on the left here is the one I relate to the most: ready for a lazy day at home and wearing a pair of fun, cozy fuzzy socks. :)

 Eventually I thought it might be a good idea to take some progress pictures, but I was usually so caught up in my drawing that I forgot to most of the time.

And another one. :)

 Here's the only other progress pictures I took. Oh well.
Anyway, I just wanted to share my drawings with you and maybe inspire someone. As you can see, these aren't perfect, but I enjoy trying new styles of drawing and challenging myself with new projects.

Thanks for viewing!